Monday, 12 January 2009


SO a update, well i had a pretty naf 'first' week back at work after xmas so the least we say about that the better!

I havent done much scrapping this week, i was a bit goosed most evening to be honest- lightweight that i am lol
I did rustle this layout up using december gogo (and it doesnt look xmassy)

This is actually a halloween photo taken in Florida, at Mickeys Not so Scary Halloween Party, i have tons of florida photos so jus trying to slot them in where i can. In this pic im at Winnie Pooh's house and i get called Rachiepoo so thought that be good title- well it amused me lol.

What else, oh i did some wheeling and dealing with my new phone i got on contract and sold it for a bomb and bought this cutie!

Ive been after a cute camera for a while we have a Panosonic Lumix thing thats amazing but pretty big so i really wanted something i could have on a daily basis or just easier to carry, and im really impressed so far getting used to the settings, took some fab photos of lola tonight, which i will share asap.

On Saturday it was out 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (of being boyfriend and girlfriend) so quite a big milestone! e didnt do presents of anything but i made Rob a layout. I have scrapped this photo before, the story behind the title is... rob loves POPEYE old popeye (obviously) so we watch it alot and there was a episode where they were skating (popeye and olive that is) and olive sang, ' My Hearts Palpitating when i go skating with Popeye the sailor man!' so i adapted it. Ive had these winter papers for ages so its time i used them so i have. think i might need a re stock of thickers after this title though.

Hope you enjoyed visiting.

bye xx


Caryn said...

Love both those LO's. The ribbons on the secoond one look brilliant. Love that camera too.


Claireliz said...

Gorgeous LO's as always Rachel. Looking Good in SI this month too :)

Debbie said...

What a sweet girlfriend you are!! Did he like it??


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