Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Xmas Journal and Disneyland

Happy December Everyone- december is my favourite month i love the run up to xmas, and xmas and my birthday on the 30th, so naturally im doing the Journal Your Christmas i only got back late last night so have caught up today on my day off so Day 1- Manifesto

I've used a photo from disney here and just explaining how ill attempt to do a page a day

Day 2- Weather

Again using my Disney photo, we never get snow coz we live in Leeds City Centre so we had fake snow in disney well in fact its snow made from bubbles but tiny bubbles so it looks like snow. will have to do for now


We had a lovely time was really busy and we were really spoilt in Florida with the 15 min queue that we werent ready for 90 min queues here but we managed everything we wanted ... well most things the nemo one was broke like all the time, and when it wasnt it was 90 min wait . hotel was really nice and food very yummy, havent spend too much got a few more glasses ok 5 if you can see how mnay disney glasses we have its impressed, and got some more little plates to match out big plates, and general stuff like pens, more xmas decorations etc.
Really enjoyed Tower of Terror here didnt like it as much in Florida for some reason, and i loved Thunder Mountain which is weird coz we didnt think too much to that in Florida funny how they differ. It was blooming cold lots of layers, not sure i took my hat off for like 3 days but had a great time and a excellent way to start the festive season, so photos i guess!

So now for photos only took about 200 which is good for us so here are some of the best

hoping to get tomo journal day done after work and ill post as soon as poss, and its my dads birthday tomo hurray!


Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

Great journal pages and fab photos - I am very envious!

Jenny said...

Wow! Fab photos, love your LOs so far too! keep up the good work :-) x

loumaroo said...

Gorgeous pages and photos! Love what you've done so far. Can't wait to see what you do next. :)


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