Friday, 8 August 2008

New Florida Blog

We are getting so excited for our holiday its 6 WEEKS TODAY!!!!!!!!

so we well me have opened a new blog with our plan of action and will update when stuff happens and hope to use it while we are away as well.

anyway its here

please check it out and any tips would be fab.

Also thought id add some photos and early lo i did last summer which look a bit pants to me now, but no way can i catch up in 6 weeks lol

Old LO- this was when i only used one paper pack for a event- this was basic grey phoebe- i soon got bored of it, even though its one of my favourite still

Jan 08

And these are a few shots from the last time i went to Universal which was only for 2 days over th 4th of July 2004 while i was there with camp America

and a few from disney land paris

hope your not too disney'ed out yet so head to my other blog for more fun and games- kind of lol


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Love the Disney stuff! I'm off to DisneyLand Paris on Sunday!! My tip for Florida is to wear comfortable shoes and pack a warmer jumper too!! I went in October and it was really hot the first half of the week and then turned much colder towards the end!!

Emma said...

How can you possibly have too much Disney?!!!!
You'll have a great time :-)

jay670120 said...

great idea to have a new blog for disney. love the paris stuff too very colourful x

kelly said...

im so jelouse wish i was goin but im not till next year! your style has changed so much but i love all the lo's x


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