Monday, 14 July 2008

Something Old and something new

So like i said i am quite far behind with my shimelle stuff but am away all this coming weekend too so feeling a little stressed about it, which is not like me, and is not the point of the class but never mind anyway.....

todays prompt- we im a bit stuck to be honest in the way of inspiration i tend to look at blogs really and aspirations i have no clue what i want to do at all - appear to be just plodding at the moment.

but on a happier note my photos of my young and now.

the only photos i have here in leeds of being young are with my dog so another one of my and my sister and my dog at xmas.( im the littlest one)

and this is now- or last month at least

things that have changed

1-I now live in leeds
2-We lost my gorgeous dog in 2003
3- my sister lives at the other side of the world

things that havnet

1-my parents still live in that house
2- i still love my dog
3-i still love xmas

didnt wanna get so deep here, trying to lighten my mood after and poo day at work.

i have the hugest post to post soon but not just yet so look out for it x


kathj said...

Beautiful dog! Hope you get to see your sister often!

CloClo said...

Looking forward to seeing your really big post, I know you have been working on loads of fab stuff :) BTW, the alpha I'm using on my projects is AL Freestyle alpha, I think Papermaze sell it xxx

kelly said...

love the photos how cute looking 4ward to your long post too lol


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