Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I love Mushrooms

Im well caught up on my A-Z and flying ahead with my M which isnt out as such until friday!

So i love mushroom,journalling shows how i have just discovered them at the grand age of 25 lol but im addicted.
i have also doubled this lo as a ELSIE challenges its NUMBER 20- MAKE YOUR OWN PATTERNED PAPER.

p.s wanted to say a hello to my sissy who lives in auz who ive just found out today she checks my blog everyday so quite chuffed so HI SISSY!


TwinTrouble said...

Fantastic layout chick... now I get the Mushrooms and scrapping them... lol

Aww... how sweet of your sis... Hello to Rach's sis :)

Beautifullily said...

Cute, fun LO! See you've put your Ally Pally journalling stamp purchase to good use

Tinkerbelle said...

hello, mushrooms are good, ate a whole crata last night.... (can't believe I have just admitted that).. Love the LO xxx hello to your sis too xxxx

mmwwaahh211 said...

OMG...how come you have only just discovered the joy of mushroom goodness? I totally love them too, and would have them in every meal if I could (I almost nearly do!)

~Danity Doll~ said...

that is a great LO :) x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

love it :D:D

elliemook said...

Fabby a-z page, really must get caught up with mine x


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