Friday, 20 June 2008

Dare i say but... New October Afternoon

OOHHHHHHHH PRETTY huh? this is some of the kit for Studio Calico, i swear this is my last stash post as its just getting silly, expect to see lots and lots of lo soon lol! did a quick nip for boring things like, herma (my first) new blades for my trimmer and embossing powder. so im all set, jus the july gogo ki thats calling me, but that then wouldnt come till the middle of july so thats ok... ill keep telling myself that.
right i need to scrap scrap scrap!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

TwinTrouble said...

Your naughty... but it's soooo nice :P

You have to get the July Kit... It's sooo your style hun and maybe you could do some layouts to inspire me... any excuse just get it :P :)


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