Saturday, 7 June 2008

Busy Week!

i seem to have had quite a busy week, but not scrapping wise, bit of naf work day on monday so started a lo which is still unfinished on my desk.
On wednesday i went to the cinema with my friend from work to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall it was great really funny, and great music always a good thing in my books.

But sad news is we lost all of our fish this week :( we just cant seem to keep them alive, so we are going to try tropical fish and see how we get on, so thats my job for today so clean the time and put the heater in for the new ones.
ive added a couple of our happier fish days

We didnt name the fish coz it was too sad when they died so this is orangey who we lost this week

we lost this little guys a few weeks ago he was all brown when we got him and started to turn oranger a sign of there age i think.

and this is how sad my little tank looks today!

On a happier note ive been eating out lots this week, i went to for lunch on thursday for my mates leaving do from work, as i thought i wouldnt then go out with them yesterday for a curry or so i thought. I HAD MY FIRST CURRY! at Akbars very unlike me just a Koma but it was nice. got a few photos to document the occasion so no doubt scrap them at some point.

well i think that is it my full week, being naughty and might go to today as we have buy one get one free vouchers.

sorry super long post! and still more to come lol

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