Saturday, 10 May 2008

latest lo- no title hmmm!

this is my lo of the day, used these lovely papers again possibly thing i might be wearing them out, they just go with everything. photo of the wedding which rob and i attended last weekend of Charlotte and Ged in derbyshire. Rob actually filmed the wedding and is making the dvd so if you need one let me know lol.
had a fabulous day lovely weather, charlotte looked gorgeous just perfect really.
i could think of a title so left it without for now.

Also i think i should blog more about random stuff not just here is my lo etc so i shall try harder


Trina said...

That's gorgous Rach, you don't always need a title either.

I think it looks good without, and that's better than having the wrong title!

Love Trina xx

Debsg said...

Gorgeous LO.

Tinkerbelle said...

Love the layout... and i agree with trina.. not always needing to place title, if it has not come to you by now then maybe best to leave xxxx

kelly said...

i love that lo and dont think it needs a title at all! I agree i love them papers ive used them loads !

voodoo vixen said...

I often don't use a title on my pages, if it doesn't need one, why add something that spoil the overall effect? And this is a stunning page!

Sarah C said...

I don't think this needs a title Rachel as it looks brilliant as it is xx


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