Sunday, 13 April 2008


hi all, i had a great day at ally pally met up with leanne and laura from uks and laura friend katy- all were very nice having not met them before.
good but early train ride home, the hall was smaller than i thought alot of nat im afriad to say but some great stands mixed in there too.i got loads of stamps lots of journalling,
6x6 boxer and sugared
lace card stock
chipboard arrows
acrylic arrow
arrow die lol
papers not sure what make lots of fun shapes
noteworhty journalling note book
little metal plates that had road trip vacation etc on very cute

then met up with my lovely uni friends for a spot of tea and a drink before running for the tube ended up getting lost and near the eurostar ran for maybe 20 mins which is why my leg are killing me today just made my train took me about 30 mins to recover and had to buy more water on the train having forgot my bottle of water on the way there too grrr.
anyway off to play with my new things.


jay670120 said...

lovely stash ... i'm very jealous xx

Mrs_Tiggy said...

Looks like you got lots of nice stash too from Ally Pally.

Shirley said...

Great stash selection :)
I have been today and was glad to see that there was some lovely stash left for me to buy after all the saturday shoppers had been:)

Debbie said...

Those journalling stamps look gorgeous. Where can I get those?

barmyowlscoo said...

Yes lovely stash and I'm jealous to, have fun playing with all.


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