Sunday, 6 January 2008

a- america

this is my first dlo for the a-z journal im doing of a book of me- a- america which is where i worked in summer 2004 when i did camp america in maryland USA journalling states all the places i got to visit while i was working there. i have used lovely love elsie papers toby and some gorgeous making memories buttons which u just love at the moment.
hope u like it, im really enjoying it x

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em said...

Just found your blog Rach and came to reply to your question. But first...what a gorgeous layout you have just posted.
Secondly, I can't believe you were at Lincoln Uni.Did you like Lincoln?? Also, did you have someone called Wendy on your course??

I am unsure about Harrogate yet :( It depends on so many things I won't know until nearer the time. I really ought to go, I could do with Vicki knocking some sense into me again!! LOL It would be great to see you guys again though.

Take care, Em x


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