Saturday, 1 December 2012

Central Park Hoodie

Hello, sorry i appear to have been missing all week, but alas here i am. So i have a finished object to share, this has been a really fun knit and i'm so pleased with it.

Its a aran weight, knit in pieces knit. 

And i rather love it, i used one of those giant comedy balls of yarn (details here)

I was totally inspired by Jenny's which she made earlier in the year, i even used the same yarn, actually she sent me the left overs from her yarn bless her

So yes go and make it, make it now! It was a really easy knit even though it doesnt look like it but as it was in pieces you just did one bit at a time, and it was addictive as the cable repeat was maybe 10 rows long you found yourself thinking, oh i will just finish this repeat etc

Thumbs up for this pattern, now onto the next one!


Clare said...

It's lovely Rachel, looks really good on you. Am quite tempted to have ago!

Clare said...

It's lovely Rachel, really suits you. Am quite tempted to have a go!


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