Saturday, 10 November 2012

Tiny tin bird

So seriously this post is long overdue (just like Tiny Tin Bird was), of course i am talking about my lovely friends Heather darling new baby boy, he has been called Tiny Tin Bird since she announced she was pregnant so thats what i will be calling him on my blog too TTB for short.

Heather had her gorgeous boy as i was flying back from my honeymoon, as you may recall she was due on our wedding day so sadly wasn't there, but i kept a eye on my phone hoping her here he had been born but alas he waited till i was in the air and couldn't get to my phone lol.

So first a few bits i made him, i made this cute duffle coat, i finished it in June but only stitched it together, erm 2 days before i bet the baby lol 

I love this little coat and hope it keeps him warm in the winter. 

Something else i started a million years ago was a quilt.

I finished this top bit in maybe May and its just sat and sat.

so the day before me and Rob were due to visit heather and TTB i got sewing lol

This fabric is super cute, i think its called Walk in the woods or something like that

This is the only photo i got before i wrapped it. 

So yes, me and rob drove other to heathers on the soggiest day ever.

So yes here she is heather the momma! Now i have seen many of my friends become mothers over the past year, like nearly all of them lol but i have known heather for a fair few years now and all she has ever wanted was to be a mother and now she is and its so special that i can see her be a mother to her baby. And boy is she a good mother, this boy is a hungry baby and she is doing a cracking job looking after him, i am very proud of her and can't wait to spend more time with them as they adjust to there new life. 

and here he is in his new duffle coat! Cute

So it had stopped raining so we headed out for a hot chocolate

The handy thing about taking rob is that he took our picture lol 

We also had some yummy soup, while TTB slept.

And here is me and he having a cuddle

So there you go a brand new baby to knit for lol


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5 Ladybird Lane said...

TTB looks super cute in his coat! I bought the same fabric with great ideas of what to make. Sadly it's still in the bag because I stated something else!! Sarah


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