Monday, 12 November 2012

They do!

Hi all so I'm hoping you aren't all wedding'ed out!

My lovely neighbours got married a couple of weeks ago so i thought i would share a few pics.

So me and my hubby got all dolled up, Rob wore his wedding suit and i got a new blue dress. 

So we sit and wait for the bride

And here they are Mr and Mrs Norton

Doesn't she look fabulous 

it was a little bit chilly so we got her some drinks to warm her up

don't they all look fab?

thats me

me and he during our meal

and me and the lovely bride.

we could not find the groom

Ah all ready for the night do 

gotta love a first dance right?

and so brings the night do, there were little sweets yay

fun props

and more

ah lovely balloons, and a sheep, which appeared in a few photos lol

rob was a little bit under the weather 

but we had to have a little dance before we left, jess is actually a trained dancer so i didn't want to get too close and put myself to shame lol

and here are me and he

As the bride and groom and all their family were staying in the hotel we offered to look after their dogs.

This is Max who is a a complete cutie, they did great considering it took us 20mins to figure how to open the door and get the alarm off and went in with our hood up at 11.30 at night lol

ah cuddles

So there you go, that was our 4th wedding (including ours) of the year and the final one. 
Its been a awesome wedding year, i just need to start scrapping them all now. 

And while we are talking about weddings, i wanted to share a pic of me and my mam on my wedding day and say a giant Happy Birthday to my lovely mam!


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