Sunday, 18 November 2012


So jumping back to the Honeymoon pics, now when you think about Hawaii what do you think of? Gorgeous beaches? Well yes they had plenty of them, so i thought i would share one of our favourite days in Hawaii.

So we got a little trip to go snorkelling, it was quite a basic package but thats all we wanted.

So we got picked up and kinda dropped off on a really big road.

See! So we had to walk up the side of this road to get to the nature reserve beach.

It was hot!

After a bit of a tricky walk we made it, this was a special nature reserve 

We had to watch a video about protecting the coral and what we could and couldn't sign on.

Now lets look at some gorgeous beach photos

So given i had got a bit burnt the day before so i sat in the shade

Rob went off snorkelling, i don't like water (FYI)

So he went off for a while so i sat under a palm tree and knit.

Shade was in short supply on this beach so i had to move as the sun moved. 

I was pretty darn happy sitting under here, actually it was pretty darn perfect.

perfect yes?

ah then he came back

and we looked at how pretty it was

we got some random people (with a equally nice camera) to take our pic.
I can't explain how long ago this feel, i realise we are 1000s of miles away but it may as well be a million. Can you say dark evening blues??

So we got all packed up and braved the road again and 2pm it was even hotter

but the views are pretty

so off we went back into 'town'

where we went for lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory

and rob got a giant pudding which he ate on the balcony

yeh thats how they do things state side lol 

So there you go, another hawaii one to come and then onto San Fran, trying to make it not too overwhelming for you lol


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Christine said...

Stunning photos, what an amazing honeymoon! :)


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