Thursday, 8 November 2012

Honeymoon pt 2- Hawaii

Man these feels like a million years ago, seriously! Lets see if i can remember, so i left you in LA, and we headed on a 5hr flight (that did not serve food) to hawaii. 

And we arrived and quickly grabbed a Burger King coz we were starving lol (funny the things you remember)

So we stayed in Waikiki in Hyatt Regency, Waikiki Beach.
This was our view!

we headed for a walk just as the sun was setting, it was stunning as you can see

oh yes there is my husband.

So next day we went for breakfast at the Ihop, this assumed me!

We walked for what felt like forever to Walmart to get a few bits, oh yes and lots of yarn, lots of acrylic but all good. 

rob rather liked the cereal aisle

Rob had a giant dessert one night

and i got in the hawaiian spirit

this made me laugh, you go to blackpool and they have these, spain and apparently Hawaii lol 

So we headed to the beach one day, the sun was very in and out but when it was out, it was hot!!

look at robs necklace bless him 

I liked sitting under palm trees lol 

then we headed to the pool which had a view of the beach

That evening we went to a luau, i believe it was Germaines luau 

we had some yummy food

my wore my maxi dress complete with sunburn

see how pretty it was 

the sunset was stunning 

so there was a lot of people

but it was great fun and the dancers were fab

it was only when i saw this photo on my camera, that i noticed just how burnt i was! ouch!

So there you go that is Hawaii part one, hope its brighten up this dark cold UK day lol 


The undomesticated scientist said...

wow, it reminds me so much of when i went (and yes it was a honeymoon, and a wedding as well!)

Julia said...

Loving your honeymoon pics. They have the best sunsets in Hawaii :)

Mel said...

looks like bliss

scrappingmabel said...

wow Rachel your honeymoon looked amazing!! luv readiing your blog brightens my rather dull day.. ps finished knitting my snood will post pic on my blog. take care x


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