Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Weekend at Home

Hi all so i thought i would show you the fun i got up on this weekend gone.

My lovely dad came and got me on friday as rob needed the car this weekend and the trains were stupid expensive. 

So i got to do some knitting in the car on the way home and had a good natter with my dad. 

When i was home i worked on some mitts these are the first where my fingers will stay warm too. 

Ive had this yarn for like 2 years maybe and been meaning to make these so pleased they are underway now. 

On saturday, i went to the town, closed my old bank account i wasn't using and still getting charged for, got a form to change my name on my driving licence and went to Boyes. Boyes is a grand shop but its only in the north or ish, i think the furthest south is Doncaster.  I got some nice bits which i will show you later in the post. 

Then i met up with my friend Ol and went to the park with her and my godson Elijah. Now i used to go to this park years ago with my friends baby brother who is like 20 now!

Its changed completely, its well fancy now.
He had lots of fun on the slides

We bounced on mushrooms, and found even though it was cold you get pretty hot running around and bouncing everywhere. 

He climbed up some steps

and went down fast slides

I hung out in the car with Elijah while his mam ran to tesco, this is his bunny that we got him and our flower girl for being in our wedding. I tried to get him to stop biting it but he wouldn't. 

Once i was back at home me and my sis then darted off to Durham, which is about 20 mins away, She had just finished her Honeycowl so wanted some nice photos so we headed to the river in Durham. 

It was a gorgeous sunny day

and the river was looking as pretty as ever

We attempted some photos together

but i just look like a big head. 

Nicky clearly has longer arms than me as hers was better

yes we are all wrapped up in our hand knits.

So the river was so pretty, the trees looked fab

We walked past the Cathedral

We stopped off at my sisters favourite Hot Chocolate place, Flat White, its hidden and i would have never have found it. 

But it was fab, busy but it was a cute little cafe. 

I had learnt my lesson with the coat in the park so just wore my warm jumper so took it off in the hot cafe, yes this is my awesome I heart Hawaii top from Walmart for $4 coz i got in the kids size whoop!

I took a quick pic of the wool i had got in the market

After Durham we went to my grannies which is round the corner from my parents house.

Tiny the dog was curious as ever

and i didn't say no to some cuddles. 

I did a bit of knitting while we caught up. 

I want a dog!

When i got home i got to work on a new project, My friend Katherine had posted on her blog about a cowl she had made, my crochet skills are pretty minimal but i thought i would have a go. Big fat wool, and a big fat hook. 

I made pretty good progress, i only brought one ball of the yarn with me so it needed finishing when i got home ( yet to be done). But yes check out Katherines blog you may die of jealous of all her gorgeous crafty things 

Ah yes things i bought, i got a hair dye, some fab ribbon from Wilko, its 3m which i thought was a bargain for £1, i got 2 fat crochet hooks, some cheap and cheerful chunky yarn and my new sock wool from Durham. 

My dad had been out and bought himself a iPhone so i went some time showing him how to use it while my mam and sis watched Xfactor (i don't like Xfactor)

So yes very busy day but fun.

On sunday i went to my others sisters house which is also really near by, and saw my bunny niece and nephew. This is Chalky and Ginger, they are Rex Bunnies and are super soft. 

They have a awesome run i am very jealous of. 

I got the train home and worked on my Jaywalker socks that have been long since abandoned. But they are back in circulation again. 

I got the bus home instead of waiting for rob to finish work, its been a while since i have been on the bus and its just as pleasant as i remember (not).

So i popped a christmas film on, let Olive have a run around and did a bit of knitting.

So there you have it, a busy old weekend for me but nice to catch up with everyone, i think i got round everyone this time which is rare. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend

Rach x


Abi said...

You were in Durham!!!! I love flat white. It is me and my friends favourite place for a coffee!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just looking through your blog. Do you mind if I ask what size hook + type wool your using to crochet your cowl? It looks fab!


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