Monday, 22 October 2012


Hello, sorry i have been a busy bee! So finally got round to sorting some honeymoon photos so i will try and do others in between them coz there is a lot.

Today i am starting with LA 

So we stayed here at Millennium Biltmore Hotel

It was soooo fancy, we couldn't quite believe this was our Hotel.

The interior was amazing.

Recognise these? These are the lifts from Ghostbusters the film, this hotel is in loads of films like literally we asked and were given a 5 page document of all the films that were shot in it, as well as the Oscars etc

So our first day happened to be September 11th, so lots of flags at half-mast 

so we got our bearings, and found we were right near Olive Street yay! lol 

I forget where this was, Pershing Square i think

This is the shortest tram in the world or something 

Olivera Street in downtown LA, was a lovely treat, cute market stalls and welcome shade. 

We then got a bus to Hollywood, as you do!

And went to the Paramount Studios in Melrose, rob had booked this in advanced. 

So many shows have been shot here, we got to see the Community, Happy Endings shows, the Glee director was walking around, Frasier was shot here, lots of history. 

and of course we needed this shot. 

we then got a taxi to the yarn shop as it was nearly closing time

We got a bit mixed up with the buses and ended up missing our bus back to downtown LA, so we went to The Grove which is a fancy shopping area, i have heard it mentioned on programmes, we have a walk around and try and get some free wifi to get on a bus website so we could get back to our hotel. Thankfully rob is clever and got us back for $2 each lol

So the 2nd and our last day we went to Disney, again we bought this in advance and got picked up from our hotel. Rob was rather excited about Cars Land which had opened up this summer. 

The whole park headed for Cars Land so we had to line up for ages so took some pics 

Robs favourite thing ever Flipz

so yes cars ride awesome!

and the 'land' didn't disappoint 

This is Robs favourite short

We got given Just Married Disney badges so literally everywhere we went everyone said congratulations, it was pretty darn nice. 

So yes Disney was looking pretty darn awesome, it was hot hot hot!

nice huh!

So we swapped parks, Ah there is lovely Walt and Mickey, we wanted to come to this Disney as this was the first disney, where it all started, the one Walt designed. 

as expected the castle is smaller than that of Florida and Paris but it was completely gorgeous. 

We stopped for a bit of dinner, i was pretty darn pooped by this point. 

So as ever whenever we go to Disney its Halloween lol so literally every time lol 

Here is a few of my lovely things i bought. 

So there you go that was day 1 & 2, it was completely awesome. LA was so much better than i thought it would be, i know that sounds odd but so many people had told me that i shouldn't have added that to our honeymoon schedule. I loved getting to see all the places. I love that the last couple of films have been set in LA and we recognise places its all very exciting. 

So i hoped you enjoyed the first leg of our honeymoon, i have split Hawaii up as we were there 5 days and we took loads of photos lol

Right i must get some knitting done before i cry lol

Rach x

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