Monday, 29 October 2012

Cutting it!

Hi all, so yesterday my friend Gwen came round to give me a bit of a lesson in Steeking. For those who don't know what that is, it's basically when you knit a cardigan you do it in the round and cut it to make it into a cardi. I love making jumpers coz they are in the round and much more portable so thought I would give it a try. You tube it it's not as bad as it sounds.

So I had homework and did some samples

I watched Gwen to the crochet version, ( there is also a sewing one)

Then I had a go

This bit was Fiddly but manageable

Then I cut it, this was fun but would think its scary on a actually garment you have spent weeks making!

I couldn't believe how neat it looked, those edges curl under when u do a button band.

I also tried the sewing version which was much quicker!

So I thought I would jumper right in, I started with a baby cardi as that's less scary.
So I added 4 extra sts, 2 either side of the cast on and got knitting

I basically sat all evening and worked on this

In the round is much easier, especially as I'm just picking it up when ive got a minute and I can't always get to the end of my row. This was I can just stop when I want and it means things get finished quicker coz I'm more likely to finish them.
I have many cardigans in my sights that I had been put off doing by the endless rows of stocking stitch back and forth. It's exciting that one afternoon can open these possibilities.
I also swatched for the Rocky Coast Cardigan, doing this flat but it has lots of cables but trying to be braver with my knits.

An actual swatch! Aren't I good


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5 Ladybird Lane said...

The thought of taking the scissors to my knitting is bringing me out in a cold sweat!! Being a basic knitter I really don't think I could do it. Very interested in seeing your baby knitting meet the scissors. Good luck. Sarah


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