Monday, 3 September 2012

Wedding Talk

So can you believe this week is finally here?? I haven't really shared to much about our plans but i have put together some random photos to show you. So can i just a big yay WHOAH! this is the week of my wedding! Holy Moly! Like Whoah!


So photos and stuff.

I love the new season of Tia and Tamera, and i loved the flowers Tia had for her wedding so i used her colour scheme for mine. 

So i will be having mainly pinks

and the Bridemaids will be having mainly cream with some pinks

pretty right!

These are the waist coats the guys will be wearing. 

These are the bridesmaid shoes

Ah this is the flower girls dress

and Lydia in the red version, beautiful 

Rob had to pick between two pairs of shoes. 
He went with the top pair 

Oh yes this is when we went to the flower appointment

ah yes we gave notice at the town hall

we did table plan planning

i bought a new hand luggage bag

we bought pretty bits for the tables

ah our beautiful venue

pretty right?

ah, i can't believe that in like 5 days i will be here with MY HUSBAND and all of my friends and family!


i got my dress altered

we watched the countdown go down slowly

we finally finished this blooming document you have to fill in 

have i shown you how beautiful our room is going to be?? ahhhh!

I've been for hair appointments

played with ribbon

Oh that appears to be it.
So there you have it, i believe we are nearly there with everything.

I am busy every night this week, but am planning to show you the invites tomorrow. 

Thats for calling by

Rach x


Mel said...

Yay how exciting! All the details are very cute and I LOVE that hand luggage bag! I can't belive that Tia and Tamera is still on - my sisters and I used to love it! How funny that that is your inspiration!

Sarah Youde said...

It sounds as if it is going to be perfect, I hope you both have a fantastic day. Enjoy wearing your lovely new cardi on the way to your honeymoon. I am feeling excited for you and I don't even know you :)

hotpotato said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing the actual wedding photos. I do hope all goes well on Saturday will be thinking of you and Rob.

JO SOWERBY said...

can't wait to see ur dress. everything looks amazing. luv rob's shoe choice defo the right ones i think. bridesmaids soooooo pretty with butterflies. enjoy ur week of prep and fun
jo xxx

Donna said...

How exciting.... Have a fantastic day!

Julia said...

In case I don't get back on her before the weekend just wanted to wish you both a fabulous day! Enjoy every minute xx

Jackie xxx said...

have a fantastic day, looking forward to seeing your phtoos when you get back. x


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