Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Favourite knit

Well its finally finished, I have been talking about it for over a year and its finally done.

Introudcing my new best friend Laika!

This is Ysolda pattern, i have barely taken this off since i finished it earlier this week.

Now i think its no secret that i struggled with this pattern, I think i was a bit too inexperienced when i started this to be honest, with the help of my friend Gwen at Baa Ram Ewe we finally figured it out. 

I have worked on it on and off for a year, it lay abandoned for many many months but i got in my head i wanted to wear it on the flight to our honeymoon so i trucked on it recently. 

I decided to do a single button band, as when i started it i weighed about 19pounds more (Yay) so i was worried it would be too big.
I choose to stick with red buttons so it didn't distract from all my hard work on the knitting lol

I nearly lost my mind doing the button band but i know its been worth it, its been a bumpy road but man i love this. I doubt i will make another mainly because it took so long and because i will never be taking this one off lol.

I used the hood the other day on a very very cold morning (4 degrees in August) and it was a big knit the hood but its really worth it.

So there you have it, its all ready for my honeymoon flight, which i leave for next monday! 

Right what can i get finished before then??



Heather said...

It looks fab :-) You can really tell your weight loss in these pics too xxx

scrappingmabel said...

wow this is fab! have a great wedding day...Rob you are the captain..Rachel you are the mate and we are all waitin to meet the crew at a later date... hope you have a long and a happy life together xo ps from the irish lass met you at the retreat! x

Libby said...

I was about to say EXACTLY the same as Heather, above :-). Hope the wedding is everything you dreamed it would be and I'm looking forward to seeing some pics.


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