Thursday, 6 September 2012


Better late than never, i am frantically trying to think what i need to take up home with me as I'm leaving tonight/ now, so thought i'd come and share a few invite pics. My friend Emily has done an amazing job in the invites, for which we are externally gratefully. I say invites, she has done all the stationary, everything you can think of, name cards, menus, etc she has done.

These are pics she send me and she was cutting everything and sorting it all. 

Our colour scheme yay!

Yeah there were loads

Sorry quick visit as i am behind but thought you might like to see them, thanks for all the well wishes over the last few days. 

Been for a full packed day of beauty treatments today, tomo i am off for a spa day with my mam and sisters so busy busy.

Right gotta dash.

Rach x


Sam Ball (aka sammyb) said...

Wishing you and Rob an amazing day and a wonderful honeymoon xxx

Simple Beginnings said...

The colour scheme looks lovely. Good luck with the big day, enjoy every minute of it!

Amanda said...

Hope you and Rob enjoy your special day the invites are fab and a beautiful colour scheme looking forward to seeing the pics of the big day big congrats to u both

Libby said...

The invites are GORGEOUS. And my favourite colour too :-). Things have changed so much since my own wedding nearly 20 years ago.... that makes me sound so old... but I did get married young :-). Hope you enjoyed your spa day.


hotpotato said...

Hope you and Rob have a lovely day tomorrow, will be thinking of you both.

Jackie xxx said...

Love the bright colours, have a fab time x

Jude said...

Rachel and Rob. I hope you have an absolutely amazing day that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Although having said that, a couple of funny "incidents" will always go down well and also be remembered for the rest of your lives. :D Congratulations to you both. Jude.x

Katrina said...

Hi Rachel,

I've been following your blog since I subbed to Sarah's kits & loved your scrapping. (Sorry I've not been very good at leaving comments though). I love reading about your scrapping, knitting, and your wedding plans.

Really looking forward to seeing the wedding blog post and hope you enjoy scrapbooking your pics soon.

I wish you both an absolutely amazing wedding day and a very long & happy marriage xx

Katrina :-)


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