Sunday, 19 August 2012

Baby Knits

Hi all, so I thought i would show you a few baby knits, coz we all like cute babies and knitting right?

So a couple of months ago i got on a bit of a baby hat knitting kick, the are quick, cute and easy, what isn't there to love. 

So my new go to pattern is this Magic Coffee Baby Hat its a aran weight so its nice and fast.

I have used a aran cotton which i completely love.

This pattern is FREE!

and my favourite bit! Seeing it on the baby yay! This is gorgeous Abigail, Lauras baby who is turning One next month, seriously how did that happen??

I made a little one for a friend at works sister in law, she went on to have a baby Boy called Elijah lol

So when i heard that my friend Chloe was expecting after a very bumpy journey, i knew i had to make her some cute bits.

So i got busy on a neutral blanket.

Gotta love a bright baby blanket right?

I made a little cardi too, from the same person to designed the hat i like

Little Coffee Bean Cardigan, i love this pattern, i have made 3 of these i think.

This is FREE too :)

I made a couple of hats for Chloe too, i know July babies don't need hats but you know we live in England.

And the best bit, getting lovely photos sent of chloes gorgeous baby boy Jake.

Like how cute is he? This is the newborn hat and looks like it fits just right.

These completely drown him at the minute but so cute that she took photos of him in them for me.

Chloe is a knitter self so she knows how fab it is seeing your knitted gift in 'action'

So i best get some more knitting done for a certain chum who is due in 3 weeks 

Thanks for stopping by

R x

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